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    PDFInclude Barcode Code 128

    There is no smiley for "blush" else I would use it :) Many thanks guys, and many thanks @davissix !
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    PDFInclude Barcode Code 128

    Hello Code 128 requires some coding, and you can choose between 3 tables A, B and C to output the most compact code possible (else the barcode might be too wide to scan correctly, or just fit where you intend to). Then you add the checksum, but this is the easy part ;) You must be able to find...
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    Answered Variable length encoding - 'C' code converted into ABL

    Glad it helped :) It was a nice little exercise to end the day :)
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    Answered Variable length encoding - 'C' code converted into ABL

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    Hi Thiago You are using a very old version of pdfInclude. The support for existent pdfs is not good is the old version, and has since been completely rewritten. The old version can load existent pdf files, but is not compatible with any possible pdf. In fact it is compatible with very few pdf...
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    How to convert Json Memptr to JsonObject

    Hello, As per Progress KB - What is the maximum size limit for the CLOB, BLOB and LONGCHAR data types? the limit for LONGCHAR is 1Gb, are you sure your JSON is larger than that? If this is the case then I'm not sure JSON is very adapted for what you are doing... Regards JC
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    barcode 128

    Hello Where do you want to put a code 128? On screen? Onto a pdf file? Other? The solution depends on your needs. Regards JC
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    ABL DatePicker

    Hello This is great! And would be worth a github repo :) ++ JC
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    Resolved Command to Write into a PDF Template

    Hello I would recommend pdfInclude (pdfInclude pdf generation framework for Progress OpenEdge), a framework developped in 4GL/ABL, available with the source, which enables all sorts of pdf manipulation. And compatible with Linux, Unix, Windows. Filling a template is among them. Regards JC
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    Does anyone have a Calendar (date-picker) example?

    If I'm not mistaken this is only a matter of translating the months, i.e. replace ["Ocak","Þubat","Mart","Nisan","Mayýs","Haziran","Temmuz","Aðustos","Eylül","Ekim","Kasým","Aralýk" ] by the months in your language, e.g. "January","February",etc. And for the rest AFAIK Turkey has the same...
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    Does anyone have a Calendar (date-picker) example?

    Are you looking for this?
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    base64 HMAC Generation

    the 2 following lines give the same result: MyHashCode = MESSAGE-DIGEST("SHA-256", "Hello World", "simplesecret"). /* Returns a raw */ MyHashCode = MESSAGE-DIGEST("SHA-256", "Hello Worldsimplesecret"). /* Returns a raw */ i.e. el "hask key" is concatenated after the input text. MESSAGE-DIGEST...
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    Question How to return an error-message in a webservice

    Hi Wolf There are many many ways to do web services with OpenEdge. How is it implemented? 20 years ago, I suppose this is implemented using webspeed? What do you call a web-client? The web browser? Or Progress own webclient? You have to tell us more so that we can help you. Regards JC
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    Question importing data from xml file

    You should: 1. add a root node to your xml, let's say add <xmlReport> at the beginning and </xmlReport> at the end 2. READ-XML the temp-table, it will work. In order to produce the same xml, you could: 1. define a dataset, with a SERIALIZE-NAME "xmlReport", including your temp-table. 2...
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    Question importing data from xml file

    The xml you are trying to import is not valid xml. There is more than one root node. oh and hello by the way.
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    How to remove duplicate values in a string

    Hi Ram Nope, it does not exist, you will have to code it yourself. Depending on the possible length of the list, I would do it with an iteration on the list, creating the output on the fly, or if the list can grow big, using a temp-table to store the unique items, then create the output from...
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    Creating temp tables with variable names

    Well, it seems overly complicated but the following is doing something which might help: DEFINE TEMP-TABLE ttTempTables NO-UNDO FIELD cCode AS CHARACTER FIELD hTable AS handle FIELD hBuffer AS HANDLE INDEX ix IS PRIMARY UNIQUE cCode. for each customer break by country: if...
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    Creating temp tables with variable names

    Hi You can do something along the lines of: DEFINE VARIABLE hTable AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. CREATE TEMP-TABLE hTable. hTable:NAME = hTable:ADD-NEW-FIELD("code" /* field name */, "character"). hTable::code = /* what do we assign in the field(s) here? */ You do not tell enough...
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    Answered Generating a QR Barcode

    Just fyi and as I see this thread coming up, if you need to generate a QR Code into a pdf file, pdfInclude is now able to generate a lot of 1D and 2D barcodes (including QR Code, but also datamatrix and PDF417) and put them into your pdf files. All done in 4GL/ABL, no external dependency needed.
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    Resolved Pdf Include Limitation? - Height PDF

    Hi Baltazar I could reproduce thanks to your zip file and analyse the problem. The default pdfInclude top margin is 50 points. So if you reduce so much the page height, you have to define a smaller top margin. For example: run pdf_set_TopMargin("Spdf",12). And this works. Regards JC