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    Socket Negativity

    10.2B05, HP-UX I have code that uses ABL sockets to communicate with a web server. It's been running for weeks without incident. Today, we installed it on a different server. Suddenly, it fails 100% of the time (on that server only). The symptom is that following a seemingly normal connection...
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    Craziest Progressism?

    Incented by the 'for each with rowid' post, our group spent all day looking for weird Progress behaviours. It's a long list, but here's my favorite! def var h_char as char init today. message h_char. Of course, this doesn't actually matter at all. It does make you wonder what lurks in the...
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    Parsing Xml

    10.1C We need to parse blobs of 3rd party JSON (eg: we can't change it) that contains a combination of arrays (temp-tables) and stand-alone elements (variables). For example: { "recipientExternaldId" : "123ABC5", /* variable */ "searchResponse" : [ /* temp-table */ { "errorCode"...
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    Bizarre Temp-table Name Resolution

    I'm not looking for a solution, I just thought some of the Progress old-timers like me might appreciate this. Connect to sports2000 (it doesn't happen with sports or isports for semi-obvious reasons) and run this code. Yeah, I know it's not proper code, that's not important. And sorry about the...
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    SQL Lengths

    I vaguely understand that whereas Progress fields are inherently variable length, in SQL, they're usually fixed length (unless you define them as VARCHAR, which is, I gather, uncommon). I further believe that if the actual length of a field exceeds the "SQL length", bad things happen. To avoid...
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    AppServer Locks

    Hello Progress World (mostly) 10.2B HPUX We have been running AppServers for eons, and we always run them StateFree (from WebClient) or StateLess (from Web Service proxies). We had a problem the other day where it appears (from log files) that one of our Web Services-supporting AppServers was...
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    I'm having 'French problems' (again) and wondering if anyone can clarify what this parameter does (the documentation is vague). Here's my situation: 1. As I understand it (per jQuery's documentation), XmlHttpRequest always uses UTF-8, even if you explicitly set otherwise in ContentType. 2. Our...
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    Error 1006

    10.2B Linux (WebSpeed) HPUX (db) We have been having this problem off and on for the past few days on a system that's been stable for months. This is a remote WebSpeed agent. There are other non-WebSpeed AppServers attached to the same DB (running on a different box) that run fine, as does the...
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    2 questions in 2 days ... this can't be good. Can one of you 11.x gurus fill me in on the state of Garbage Collection? The 10.2 doc suggests that GC exists for ".NET and ABL objects" (if it does, we don't use it). #1 - does it apply to 'older' constructs such as CREATE TEMP-TABLE (as opposed...
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    10.2B HPUX I was experimenting with 'catch' a little. It seems like it only works within a .P, eg., if x.p runs y.p with a catch block and y.p causes an error, x.p doesn't see it, eg. in other words, the catch doesn't encompass subprocedures. If true, this makes it not very useful IMO. Am I...
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    Tracking Reads by ROWID

    We are discussing a scenario where we want to be able to log all database *reads* down to the level of the particular ROWID (eg. we want to be able to generate a report that lists every ROWID that was read during a given session). We want to be able to do this without changing schema or...
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    11.4 Unit Testing

    Does anybody know what this is likely to mean, from the Sept. 4 (upcoming) Webinar advertisement? ABL unit testing – giving you the ability to test code in a more AGILE development methodology
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    -s revisited

    I'm familiar with the reasons for -s problems, its default values, why increasing it is often a good idea, memory leaks, problems of failure to delete dynamic objects, MEMPTR, WIDGET-POOL, etc. All that aside: can anyone explain why one might get multiple -s errors across multiple...
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    Proxies with Common Temp-Table Definitions

    I have 2 .R's, let's call them p1.r and p2.r, that do different things, but each accepts an INPUT TEMP-TABLE that is absolutely identical (including names, types, etc.), let's call it t. If I ProxyGen these: 1) In Java, the TT is generated as a ResultSet or ProDataGraph. The fields are...
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    WSA Sessions

    These questions concern the simulated connections available in Session-Managed mode thru the Web Services Adapter (WSA), from the end-client running Java (or whatever) and submitting HTTP/XML/SOAP requests to the WSA. I can't find any documentation about this. 1. Is there any timeout (activity...
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    RTB 10.2B04, non-Eclipse This subforum looks a little quiet, but I'll try anyway. 1) Can anyone explain the options for renaming .P files in RTB, after they have been checked-in and their task closed? (I was told such an option existed but (a) I was also told it didn't work and in any case (b)...
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    WSA + SSL

    11.2 Can anyone comment on their experience using SSL/certificates with WSA ... I vaguely recall seeing posts complaining about Progress' lack of &/or non-standard support for this ... I am almost totally ignorant of SSL, it's always been one of those things our network guys take care of. But...
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    Session Model for Web Services

    I found some old posts on this subject but they aren't very clear. I'm interested in the difference between the "FREE" and "MANAGED" session models (eg. as selectable in ProxyGen). From the doc, it is clear that Web Services "SESSION FREE" corresponds to AppServer "STATE FREE", but why I'd pick...
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    Can someone fill me in on WebSpeed and FastCGI ... eg. whether it is common, possible, irrelevant, a mere configuration choice, etc. Disclaimer: needless to say, I don't understand FastCGI very well, but I think I get the general idea.
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    Proxy Style

    We expose several of our .p's as Java proxies in the following style: /* real_work.p - known only to us, the vendor of the application */ DEF INPUT PARAM p_account AS CHAR. /* etc. etc. */ /* a ton of real work goes here, RUN, FIND, FOR EACH etc. */ /* proxy.p - known to Java users, our...