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  1. catch.saravana

    Question Slow response on few webspeed brokers

    OE Version: 11.4 OS: Linux CentOS-7 Hi All, We have about 20 brokers running on a front end server out of which on 8 to 10 brokers the overall response is slow. We have individual brokers for each developers to work with their own code. I don't think it is a code issue because I tired pointing...
  2. catch.saravana

    Question Session Web Storage Access

    Progress Version: 11.4 (Traditional Webspeed) Hi All, Like how we access cookies using get-cookie/set-cookie methods in progress; do we have any methods were we can access the local storage (DOM storage)?
  3. catch.saravana

    PASOE Licensing

    Version - OE 11.7.1 OS - Linux Cent OS7 Hi Team, We are planning to migrate our application from traditional webspeed transactional server to PASOE. I am sure about the different licensing model. I would like to do some ground work and have some internal discussions with our group before...
  4. catch.saravana

    Question Error Starting Pasoe Instance

    Hi Team, I am getting the below error when starting a pasoe instance from pdsoe. What should I do to get this fixed? "15-Oct-2017 09:55:45.00 ERROR [main] One or more multi-session Agent startup failures - see Agent logfiles" Version - 11.7.1 I created pasoe instance with the below command...
  5. catch.saravana

    Question Propath?

    We have a webspeed application which is using CGI wrapper. I am finding a way to enable debugging capability in a common environment. Let's say we have 25 developers, all 25 developers will login with the same unix id (common broker & propath) but will have different login profile. Is there a...
  6. catch.saravana

    Question Remove Non Iso-8859-1 Characters

    Hello Everyone, Let's say we are getting a comma separated feed file on one of our NR job (Existing Program) and we are reading it line by line by storing it to a character variable and processing the entries. We are receiving non iso-8859-1 characters through this feed file which doesn't hurt...
  7. catch.saravana

    Question Url Shortner Service

    Hi Team, Can someone advise the best way for shortening of links? Let me give an example from progress; when you click it takes you to Introduction to Object-oriented Programming. We have a bunch of such links that we send out to our downstream systems which are too long...
  8. catch.saravana

    Substitute Function Consumes More Time

    Code Snippet: assign vFileName = 'mytest_' + replace(string(mtime),',','') v-data = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'. run profiler/on.p(vFileName). DO i = 1 TO 9999: v-tmpdata = SUBSTITUTE(lcBaseString,v-tmpdata,"~n",v-data). /* v-tmpdata = v-tmpdata + "~n" +...
  9. catch.saravana

    Bi Truncate

    May be a dumb question but would like to have an explanation to my scenario so that I understand it better. Let's consider we have a source db and a hotspare db; Scenario 1: 1. Truncate the source BI 2. Use probkup to back up the source db or use mark backedup 3. Begin AI on source DB which...
  10. catch.saravana

    Abl Profiler On Linux

    Progress Version: 11.6 OS: Linux CentOS7 I am aware that we have a tab on PDSOE dedicated for Profiler but would like to know how to use the same in Linux. Can you please point me to some documentation for the same?
  11. catch.saravana

    Cross Verify Table Privilages For User Created Using Sqlexp

    Version: 11.6 OS: Linux CentOS7 I created couple of users and grant permission for few tables using sqlexp. How do I check if the privileges are set properly? I tried querying 'USER_TAB_PRIVS' view but it threw error saying; === SQL Exception 1 === SQLState=42S02 ErrorCode=-210083...
  12. catch.saravana

    Ai Roll Forward Error

    Version: 11.6 OS: Linux CentOS7 Below are the steps I did and am facing error during AI Roll Forward; 1. Create a new database, let's say 'devdb' 2. Binary D&L complete 3. Index Rebuild complete 4. Cross verified DB Analysis Report 5. All good and was able to start the db and query the...
  13. catch.saravana

    Backup Of A Pregrown Empty Db

    Version: 11.6 OS: Linux CentOS7 Can we take a backup of a pregrown empty db? Below are the steps are I tried but couldn't achieve what I want. 1. Created an empty DB (Type II Storage Area with ~70 areas) 2. Applied DF 3. Binary load of 963 tables 4. Ran Index Build (now DB size is 1.5 TB -...
  14. catch.saravana

    Index Build

    Version: 11.6 OS: Linux CentOS 7 CPU: 4 cpu with 2 core each I have 3 questions here, sorry if I should have put it as separate threads. Question 1: How do I come up with optimal values for -datascanthreads and -mergescanthreads? Question 2: Does -B have any effect on index build? - the...
  15. catch.saravana

    _mprshut - Why?

    Hello Everyone, I ran a round of dump test yesterday and got couple of questions, thought of getting them clarified; Progress Version: 9.1E OS: Sun Solaris (Unix) I ran 4 sessions of proutil dump and was monitoring the same. Below is the statistics from top command (pardon me for changing the...
  16. catch.saravana

    Publish Web Service

    I understand we need license for consuming web services. Do we need any appserver or webspeed license to publish web services from progress side?
  17. catch.saravana

    Large Table Dump & Load

    Hello Everyone, I have a large table which is of size 300GB - like an audit table. We wanted to do a D&L for this table separately and not as part of our migration. I assume we will not be able to do a D&L in parallel with users writing data to this table. What we are trying to get here is; 1...
  18. catch.saravana

    Question Probkup Vs Snapshot

    Hello Everyone, Is using Snapshot as replacement for PROBKUP ONLINE common? We were thinking of using Snapshot to take db back. To take a snapshot of our db it takes hardly 2 to 3 seconds (worst case 5 seconds). What are the pros and cons of using snapshot as replacement of probkup? Before...
  19. catch.saravana

    D&l Limitations

    Hi All, I see a set of D&L limitations on Progress documentation; out of which they say ROWID/RECID will be dumped as '?' (unknown value). Exact statement below; If you define a database field with a data type of ROWID or RECID, then the ROWID values in that field are dumped and reloaded as...
  20. catch.saravana

    Truncate Bi File

    9.1E version: Let's say I have a large BI file that is grown to 15 GB and reached the critical limit. In our project they take a backup (will run for 7 hrs) before truncating the BI. Is a backup necessary? Can't I bring down the DB, do a roll forward and truncate the BI? May be a dumb question...