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    Question Progress Schema Holder with SQL Database

    Hi All, Our SQL customers complain about the Dead Lock situation when a massive update happens..... However, customers using Progress DB have no issues. If you have any KB Links for achieving better performance, precautions to be taken while writing the code etc...(with respect to the SQL...
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    Question Compile a Program in different environment

    Hi Rob, Thanks a lot. From the list you mention, the Main difference is propath only. This utility is mainly for developers ONLY. We have Progress & SQL environments (SQL Shema holder). So when a developer checks out 1 program, we need to compile it in 4 environments (2 different versions of...
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    Question Compile a Program in different environment

    Hi, I am trying to build a utility to compile programs in different environments. When the user selects an environment and Press compile button run the below code CONNECT database -H dbserver -S 29000. Compile c:\temp\program.p save into e:\cmp\ . DISCONNECT database. My doubt is How can I...
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    Question Progress (Schema Holder) SQL connection

    Thank you. We have both Progress and SQL customers for the same application with the same code base. Performance-wise Progress customers are happy however in SQL DB is very slow. Do you have any suggestions to improve the performance? I mean any parameters either on the client-side or on the...
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    Question Progress (Schema Holder) SQL connection

    Thank you. Target database you mean SQL DB or Progress DB? Please explain. I want to know in this environment, a Progress DB Server will spawn and waiting for client connections? Why I am asking this doubt because I have not seen any -H, -S parameters in the client PF. Any link to read in...
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    Question Progress (Schema Holder) SQL connection

    Hi, Below is one of the lines in a Client PF file for a Progress (Schema Holder) SQL connection -RO -db c:\db\data\sports2000_sh -1 -db Dev -ld sports -U xxxxxxx -P yyyyyy -1 -Dsrv skip_schema_chec from the above line, my understanding is Database connection is Read-Only & Connection is the...
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    Question Leave statement in a For each loop will release the lock

    Thanks a lot. If I understood correctly In the third iteration after the Leave statement control will come to final END. I thought after the Leave (3rd iteration ) final END will be skipped. Thanks again.
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    Question Leave statement in a For each loop will release the lock

    Hi, Please clarify my doubt. In the below code When i = 3, Progress will release the lock and then leave OR, 3rd record will be in the Exclusive lock until we write the Release statement and then Leave? DEFINE VARIABLE i AS INTEGER NO-UNDO. FOR EACH Customer where customer.custnu < 5...
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    Question Lock wait timeout of 1800 seconds expired (8812)

    Thank you so much for the replies. I have one more clarification required. Below is the current appserver log message. [20/05/29@23:06:57.669-0400] P-020192 T-014932 1 AS -- (Procedure: 'STOCK-1 APPSERVER\STOCK\STCK0001-A.P' Line:3821) Lock wait timeout of 1800 seconds expired (8812) It would...
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    Question Lock wait timeout of 1800 seconds expired (8812)

    Thank you. My doubt is SQL performance is a bit lower than the Progress DB So that until creating / Writing in SQL completes, corresponding tables will be locked in Progress Db as well?
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    Question Lock wait timeout of 1800 seconds expired (8812)

    Hi, One of our clients is using Progress Schema Holder and maps to an MS SQL Server. Application is hanged for a long time. When we checked the asbroker log and found the below error. Can anyone help me sort out this issue? Is this raised due to the locking by SQL DB? Or shall we look into the...
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    Question COM Object Help required

    Hi, I am using the below code to add new rows and copy-paste the contents to each row. I want to delete a particular row. Please help me in finding the exact code to DELETE one row which I created in the WORD document. DO cnt = 1 TO 3: ASSIGN W-CNT = W-CNT + 1. IF W-CNT = 1 THEN...
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    Question 4GL Trace File Content Help required

    Hi, Customer reported that when they are using a RF screen some times it behaves wrongly after the user prints the label. I collected the 4GL trace from the client. After each print, it will go back to the parent screen. That is the proper behavior, however, sometimes it goes back to the main...
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    Error Could not locate method 'DeleteCat' with matching signature in class 'Lion'. (14457)

    Hi, While I am testing a Delete method inside a class I am getting the below error. After seeing this error, I recreated the WAR files, re-started tomcat, UnDepoyed and deployed the services. Still the same error appearing. Can anyone throw light on the issue?
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    Question Web Service Type Rest in Progress

    Hi, I hope this link will help you to start A Sexy UI for Progress OpenEdge using JSDO and Kendo UI - Part 1: Introduction - Documents - Mobile - Progress Community -Philip-
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    Question Dynamic Extents In Temp-table Field

    Hi, I have an assignment to print a report with item names as column-labels. If a store has 10 items then these ten item id appear as column labels. It can vary. How can I define a temp table with this dynamic extent? I know in a variable we can do the dynamic extent. Same way can we do it...
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    Question Mobile App License Overview

    We would like to know the user count is taking from which table of the DB? Usually for the desktop application we use the code FOR EACH _Connect NO-LOCK WHERE _Connect-Usr NE ? AND (_Connect-Type EQ "REMC" OR _Connect-Type EQ "SELF" or _Connect-Type EQ "0" ) BREAK BY _Connect-Usr: Will...
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    Question Mobile App License Overview

    Hi, Can any one give a Licensing Overview of a Mobile App. We have developed a Mobile App in Sencha and Progress as backend (REST calls) . We build a Apk file and installing it in the devices. We want to make sure that number users suing the app should not exceed the number of license...
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    Question Open Query Or For Each Will Have Better Performance

    Hi Please have a look into below section of code . Can anyone tell us which one have a better performance. or both have same performance? -philip- /* With open query : */ CASE order_type: WHEN "SoNbr":U OR WHEN "AnyOrder":U THEN DO: OPEN QUERY iq_slshdr FOR EACH...
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    Error Error In Soap Request Execution: Sessionpool : Noavailablesessions

    Thanks much for your reply. Our issue is exactly similar issue mentioned in the below link Progress KB - State-free appserver broker uses up maximum number of connections if client makes many asynchronous calls Here increasing the number is not a solution. Second option is Adding Process...