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    Fill a temp-table using sql statement. Is it possible

    since you work on a C# project: it is possible to fire queries directly on the progress database from .NET. Depending on the goal you wish to achieve this might or might not be a viable option. I prefer sql to not run on the production database.
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    Primary Index allows null values?

    and to add to this all: null is not the same as empty for a string. abc.a = '' is empty not null. abc.a =? is null. The latter is not allowed if mandatory is checked for the database field.
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    Export Array fields

    or try something like assign cAddrString = ''. do iTmp = 1 to buffer arsc:buffer-field('addr'):extent: assign cAddrString = cAddrString + addr[iTmp] + ';'. end. assign cAddrString = trim(cAddrString,';'). put unformatted name "|" cAddrString "|" city "|" stated "|"...
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    Answered Webspeed server to IIS (or other) server - outbound UDP ports

    Maybe this picture sheds some light on where UDP communication is used. It is quite easy to configure the inbound and outbound UDP ports to minimize the range of ports being used.
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    redirect for webspeed error page

    We use it actually and never had problems. What problems you encounter then? We use it with apache on Linux. I never tried this with IIS on windows though.
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    redirect for webspeed error page

    You can easily do that: Look at KB P11509: HTH, Casper.
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    Weird SQL Buffer Error

    What query are you running? There are a couple of entries on this in the KB ( For instance: P153561 or P130492. HTH, Casper.
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    I deleted about 60 spam messages every day, so there where many. Nice to see that it works really well. Good job.
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    I havent been on a lot lately. So sorry if I didnt remove the spam in time. Right now its clean. I hope Chris finds a way to solve this spam issue real soon too. But I am unable to contact him. Regards, Casper.
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    Concurrent Reads

    And then there is also -rereadnolock parameter. If you are not using it you might get the previous record even though the change is already fully committed. Regards, casper.
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    WebSpeed Settings - cgiip.exe error message

    You should do this at the machine where the messenger resides. This is not that machine.
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    WebSpeed Settings - cgiip.exe error message

    It says: Connection failure for host localhost port 5162 transport UDP. (9407). The location should be remote. Now its looking at the webserver for a nameserver called NS1 on localhost not on develv5 ( ). Check the settings in your messenger install dir there its...
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    No more available App Servers.

    The Appservers are actually all busy at that moment? What is the operating mode of the appservers? What programs are running then? How many users and how many appservers? Now we are at it, what os are you using? Is the program which act on table 1167 part of the appserver or is it been called...
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    Understanding the dbanalys data

    Maybe you can tell us what you dont understand? That will be much easier for us then to go through each field in detail. Regards, Casper.
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    Getting error during Restore: Error 9452

    well make something like: # generated by PROREST on Mon Apr 18 13:01:56 2011 b <databasename>.b1 d "Schema Area":6,64 <databasename>.d1 f 1024000 d "Schema Area":6,64 <databasename>.d2 f 1024000 d "Schema Area":6,64 <databasename>.d3 f 1024000 d "Schema Area":6,64 <databasename>.d4 f...
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    Getting error during Restore: Error 9452

    ok all tables reside in the schema area. You possibly have a workgroup license and cant have biger files then 2GB or you just went out of disk space. Just make an st file named <databasename>.st and put enough extents of 2 GB in it so the all the data will fit there. (or use the original st...
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    _File & _field attributes (VST)

    You are correct. Audit started in 10.1A and became stable in later SP.
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    Remote Connection to progress database from c#

    You should use .NET open client and an appserver to talk to a Progress database from .NET. Works like a charm. Regards, Casper.
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    Why moving from OE 10.1b to 10.2b ?

    We could still use the V9 license model. So for our customers there where no changes. I am sure your sales guy from Progress can make a deal for you. Because holding back to upgrade clients because of license model is kinda bad for both Progress and customers I think. Progress had become much...
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    Why moving from OE 10.1b to 10.2b ?

    yes I meant online changing database parameters: proutil db-name -C increaseto -B n -B2 n -L n -bibufs n -aibufs n -Mxs n