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    Hi All, As you have noticed, there is an increased amount of spam posted on this site. We are working quite hard to get rid of the spam. We are not online 24/7, so it might take some time for us to clean it up. If you see spam, please report it so we can logon to remove it. Regards, Casper.
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    Well, I woke up this morning finding a huge number of spam posted in this forum. There where from 3 different users more then 400 messages posted to this forum. Spam was all over the place. I banned the users and I am pretty sure I deleted all posts. Sorry for the inconvenience and hopefully...
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    Progress licensing

    Hi all, We need to change our licensing model for our customers from concurrent user to Application server Enterprise/named user model. I was wondering if anybody knows if we are still going to need enterprise database licenses for all our customers or does it suffice to have enough db...
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    Optimum (theoretical) blocksize

    Hi, I just read up on some documentation regarding performance and blocksize. I always used to use 4K blocks on Linux. Now I saw in a presentation from Exchange that if you use typeII storage area's then it is better to use 8K blocks on Linux. Can anyone comfirm this for me? Furthermore am I...
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    Complaining :-)

    Progress availibility guide. I noticed that there where some perculiar changes in the availablity guide. I always have the habbit of saving these pdf documents. The December version of the availabilty guide version gave the following requirements for OS: AIX: 5L v5.3 Linux: Red Hat Enterprise...
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    workgroup database

    Hi all, I never had the "pleasure" of working with a workgroup database. But now I have the change of reorganizing a workgroup database. In my memory it wasn't possible to create a database with a specific blocksize. I just did some testing an found out that it is perfectly possible to...
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    Replication confusion

    OE10.1B03: Replication AIX 5.3 TL7 I did some tests with replication. And I found out I don't understand some things with regard to some target parameter settings. I use, among others, the following parameters: backup-method=full-online backup-arguments=aftertransition.budb...
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    10.2A available (?)

    Anyone saw this? Casper.
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    ProgressTalk has some moderators, we started this mainly because of the spam which arrives now and then here @ ProgressTalk. I was wondering lately if there are any other actions you would like us also to take care of. First of all, I must say that I write this without consulting Joey or...
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    And yes, It finally happened: 10.1C available for PSDN subscribers. Downloading now... :-) Casper.
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    Database crash.....

    Hi all, I have a strange problem, one of our customers database just crashed. The following are the entries in the logfile which lead to that crash. Usr 27 and 28 are batch programs which are run. The same hting happened last night. Apparantly (I was told today) the 2 programs which are run...
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    I was just wondering, any of you guys are going to be at the PTW in Brussels? Maybe we can talk some progress there while we have some beer :D Cheers, :toast: Casper
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    Initial value challenge

    Hi fellow progress talkers, OpenEdge 10.1B AIX.Linux We have had this great idea to make our application able to cope with multiple (financial) administrations. In effect this means that many of the 600+ tables needed an extra field (admincode). Most of these fields are primary key fields...
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    Strange (using short-hands)

    Some time ago I encountered this strange issue that is not possible to use short-hands in a where clause. The compiler doesn't seem to know what to do with it. :-) So I started to write the where clauses in the old fashioned way: find a where a.field =...
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    Login Progress Knowledge Center?

    Hmm, This is what I read at Progress Knowledge Center: I didn't know that, I'd rather have KB to be open for everyone.... Casper.
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    Broker config confusion Progress 9.1D06

    Hi ProgressTalkers, I was wondering why there is a difference between setting op a login broker for SQL92 clients between version 9.1D and earlier versions. In 9.1D documentation says that the broker for SQL92 clients must be the primary broker and the broker for 4GL clients must be the...
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    sqlexp on AIX 5.1.0 Progress 9.1D06

    Hi all, I try to use sqlexp form the command prompt but found out that sqlexp doesn't reside in $dlc/bin. I can't seem to find it on cd either. Does soemone know how to obtain sqlexp and why it isn't automatically installed on the server? TIA, regards, Casper.
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    logNote question

    Hi all, Does anybody know which environment variables I have to set to get logNote working (I believe I have to set logpath and logtypes but can't remeber or find their names :o ). Any help would be appriciated... TIA Casper