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  1. suny

    Progress / OpenEdge, MFG PRO / QAD Developer

    I am seeking a challenging position as an ERP or Progress 4GL Developer in USA. My employment status: U.S. Green Card. I have 15 years of experience in computer programming, analysis and design, 11 years in ERP and 10 years in Progress 4GL and MFG/PRO. I am a fast learner and have excellent...
  2. suny

    Matching character

    Use the '~' character: address matches "~*" or address matches "~?"
  3. suny

    Multi-Dimensional Array in Progress

    nothing is impossible :-) define i as integer. define i2 as integer. define variable arr as character extent 15. /*3 x 5*/ &scoped-define arrIndex ((i - 1) * 5 + i2) do i = 1 to 3: do i2 = 1 to 5: display arr[arrIndex]. end. end. &undefine arrIndex
  4. suny

    shared variable - bad ?

    I think so, shared variable = goto. If you find the second good, you can use the first, too :-) (I have to admit, I use goto in Excel Visual Basic and I (sometimes) used new global shared, during MFG/PRO developing. Do not imitate me.)
  5. suny

    end-key question

    Or use this code :awink: repeat: pause 7. leave. end. if keyfunction(lastkey) = "END-KEY" or keyfunction(lastkey) = "END-ERROR" then do: message "End Key Pressed ". pause. end.Because if you press F4, the program leave the current repeat block and in your sample the message with pause 7...
  6. suny

    Hello from Finland!

    Hi, relative! I'm from Hungary. Have you hade a nice weekend in 2007?
  7. suny

    GUI Convert

    Use one of these in top of your code. The bold line is the right choice to your code. /*V8:ConvertMode=NoConvert*/ /*V8:ConvertMode=Maintenance*/ /*V8:ConvertMode=Report*/ /*V8:ConvertMode=FullGUIReport*/ /*V8:ConvertMode=ReportAndMaintenance*/ /*V8:ConvertMode=ConditionalIncludeExclude*/...
  8. suny

    adding values based on conditions

    if you don't need empty lines: define variable amt1 like amt no-undo. define variable amt2 like amt no-undo. for each table1 ... ,each table2 ... break by Bld by year: if first-of(year) then assign amt1 = 0 amt2 = 0. if period = 1 then amt1 = amt1 + amt. if period = 2 then amt2 = amt2 +...
  9. suny

    Preprocessor IF THEN ELSE

    The right syntax: &if defined(MYINC) = 0 &then &global-define MYINC ... include body ... &endif Use global-define. When your include take in an include, then scope-define doesn't work in all file.