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  1. tamhas

    OO "cage match"

    Tim Kuehn and I are considering proposing a OO "cage match" session for PUG Challenge Americas with the goal of contrasting his approach to OOABL with mine ... a contrast which has been apparent in a number of past threads on various on-line forums. We are wondering what topics you would like...
  2. tamhas

    The Future of BravePoint Products and Services

    I wonder if the books will become Progress books now that Progress has acquired Bravepoint ...
  3. tamhas

    Enterprise Architect

    I would like to hear from anyone who is using Sparx Enterprise Architect in connection with OpenEdge. I would like to know: * Progress version * EA version * What database you use for a repository, if not the default EAP * A sentence about what you use it for. Please indicate if you would like...
  4. tamhas

    E-mail notifications

    Is this broken?
  5. tamhas

    30 Years

    From Gus on PEG: Today is the 30th anniversary of the birth of Progress product. ***** "Data Language Corp. has released Progress, a high-performance application development system. In use now on AT&T, Fortune Systems, and Convergent Technologies machines, Progress will soon be available for...
  6. tamhas


    At the recent PUG Challenge Americas I presented a paper "What Code Updates That Field and Similar Problems?: Databasing ABL Code and Data Relationships for Analysis" (available at ) that presented a new open source tool...
  7. tamhas

    Color scheme

    So, are you trying to align with the Progress Orange?
  8. tamhas

    Mail notifications

    I don't seem to be getting mail notifications any more. I noticed today because there was a new post on a thread I had commented on earlier today.
  9. tamhas

    ABL in a Pacific World

    Before Exchange, there was some "discussion" about what Rollbase and Pacific implied for the future of ABL and OpenEdge. At Exchange, I had an opportunity to get a better sense of Rollbase and to "spark" my own ideas about where ABL might fit in a Pacific world. See the paper below for my...
  10. tamhas


    Anyone gone to look at the list of members? The list starts out with a bunch of names that start with !!!! and !!!. Somehow, I doubt that these are real people!
  11. tamhas

    ABL Source Code Analysis Tools

    I'm going to be giving a talk on ABL source code analysis tools at Exchange. The list I have now is: * compile list * compile xref * xml xref * databasing xref data * "SuperXref" * Ctrl-F and Ctrl-H in PDS/OEA * substitute * Araxis Merge & KDif3 * AutoDox2 * Debugger * Profiler *...
  12. tamhas

    OO Futures

    At PUG Challenge Americas, Julian discovered that one of his sessions was going to nearly duplicate a session given by Gus on Monday, so he yielded his slot to a nearly spontaneous session that was originally termed an OO Birds of a Feather, but which because an OO Info Exchange. Rob Holzel...
  13. tamhas

    Alerts and e-mail

    Is there a configuration setting that will allow me to get e-mail notification of replies to watched threads, but *not* get an alert here? Getting both means two places to clear them. I don't find alerts here useful since I don't see them unless I am here and once here I am going to read all...
  14. tamhas

    Answered Regression to November???

    What happened to all the recent content?
  15. tamhas

    Site Maintenance Needed

    Warning: require_once(): Unable to allocate memory for pool. in /home/ on line 101 Warning: require_once(): Unable to allocate memory for pool. in /home/ on line 51 Warning: include()...
  16. tamhas

    Something broken with profile pictures and avatars

    I have been trying to upload a new picture. If it is too high resolution or too big, it tells me what is wrong. But, when I fix whatever is wrong, it just Can't Upload. I haven't tried the website approach yet.
  17. tamhas

    Book recommendation

    People periodically ask me what book I recommend for learning about OO. I have had a couple of standard answers, but nothing I have been very enthusiastic about ... until now. Model-Based Development: Applications H.S.Lahman ISBN 978-0-321-77401 Addison-Wesley Put simply, this is the...
  18. tamhas

    What will be new in 11.0

    There have been various announcements about what is coming in 11.0 in December, but we got a bit more thorough a list at PUG Challenge Americas, so I thought I would do a brief rundown for those who *unfortunately* couldn't be there. The *biggie*, of course, is the multi-tenant database...
  19. tamhas

    email notification

    Did something happen to break the email notification of responses? I haven't gotten a message in days and yet clearly people have posted to threads on which I have posted.
  20. tamhas

    Come hear Progress executives Rick Reidy, Alan Young and Ken Wilner, in person!

    Join us at PUG Challenge Americas conference for the Keynote Session featuring Progress executives, Rick Reidy, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alan Young, Senior Vice President and General Manager Application Development Platforms, and Ken Wilner, Vice President of Technology for...