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  1. tamhas

    Buffer with no-lock

    With the strong scope, the release is pointless.
  2. tamhas

    Scan Barcode using Scanner Gun & Save Scanned Data

    Yes, it has been quite a while now, but as I remember we uploaded the picking list to the gun while it was in the dock and then downloaded the results. I think the dock was nothing more than a dumb connection and I think the port on the local computer was actually connected via the OS to a...
  3. tamhas

    Scan Barcode using Scanner Gun & Save Scanned Data

    When I have done this in the past ... a fairly distant pass ... we were using scanners with a docking station so that the warehouse people could go all over the warehouse and then return to the docking station. The docking station was connected to a PC, possibly USB, possibly serial, and it...
  4. tamhas

    Buffer with no-lock

    Point being that with the strong scope, you don't need to worry or query about the availability of the buffer outside of the strong scope because you know the buffer isn't available there. For the sake of satisfying yourself, you could define a second strong scope block there and test...
  5. tamhas

    Question Import Data volume increase to 300,000 causing DB updates to almost halt after updating 38000 records - Progress 11.7 Windows client - Linux db server

    Try putting the code in code tags and adding a comment at the place of the problem line.
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    Server to Client

    I would need to know more about the application before I could make any suggestions. Why don't you briefly describe sources, architecture, display intention, etc.
  7. tamhas

    Server to Client

    Unless there is a compelling reason to do this entirely in ABL, there are a number of commercial packages that do this sort of thing superbly.
  8. tamhas

    Error Error 8030

    Well, obviously, to compile fill.p you have to be connected to the other database. Have you tried putting a test in fill.p to verify that you are connected at run-time? FIND FIRST is almost certainly the wrong thing to be doing.
  9. tamhas

    Error Error 8030

    For starters, the include file should not be in two places ... that is asking for exactly this kind of problem. Re the connect, note that you cannot connect to a database and access the database in the same procedure. You need to connect to the database and then run another program and access...
  10. tamhas

    Print special characters on dot printer

    This is likely to be a code page issue ... do you know what code page is the source of the characters?
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    Answered Browse Open Query on temp table or bare table?

    Then, what does this mean? 2. live update of data whilde browsing
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    Answered Browse Open Query on temp table or bare table?

    Say a bit about how you are controlling transaction scope. One of the reason for working against local tables or variables is so that there is no open transaction while you are doing the work and a very short transaction with no UI to commit the changes to the DB when done.
  13. tamhas

    Protop SQL activity - Rec Lck

    One might note that the default in ABL is share-lock and one has to explicitly say "no-lock".
  14. tamhas

    Inherited what I think is a backup of a progress database.....need assistance

    I would think the first question would be whether or not there is a Progress installation on the machine somewhere. If that backup file was indeed created in May, then it seems likely. Also, who created that ... something else you could find in the log. Are they still around? Probably a lot...
  15. tamhas

    Question Copy replication trigger assignments.

    I can't see how there is a chance of any problem. Why does this seem like an invitation to a real head scratcher!?
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    Benefits of using FIND FIRST over FOR FIRST and FOR FIRST over FIND FIRST ?

    Quite aside from the vagaries of sort order and the like, it is almost certain that treating the first record of a group as special is a violation of good relational design. It is certainly reasonable to do a CAN-FIND test to determine whether or not there is one or more records matching...
  17. tamhas

    How long has this been wrong?

    I suppose the question now is, how long will it stay that way...
  18. tamhas

    Seeking great OpenEdge GUI development tutorial

    And only post to one forum with the same question.
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    Benefits of using FIND FIRST over FOR FIRST and FOR FIRST over FIND FIRST ?

    Have you considered doing write-ups like this and posting them on so that you just need to drop the URL to respond thoroughly?