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    Answered Protop on premise

    hello everyone, I'm digging again in Protop, and would like to ask is there is a way to have the web pages on premise and not somewhere in the cloud. My Admins aren't willing to let health data of our db go trought the web. Thanks in advance. best Regards, BobyIsProgress
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    Question DB crashed

    Hello Guyz, I'm just out of my first db crashed. We can't found the issue. But we discovered after that our two last backup before crash were corrupted. Do you know if there is a way after restore a backup to test if the process was successfull or not ? Or even without restoring the backup in...
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    Answered Question on menu and sub menu handle

    Hello, A question, I made popup menu in Browse widget: I code it that way in the RIGHT-MOUSE-DOWN trigger: DEFINE VARIABLE myMenu AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE myItem AS HANDLE NO-UNDO. IF AVAILABLE TT1 THEN DO: /* Where TT1 is a temp-table in the browse open-query */ CREATE MENU...
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    Answered Multiple progspec.ini

    Hello, While standardising our way of working I just encounter a question about the progspec.ini file. In it we can setup things like working directories amongs other things. My question is about color for background & foreground, and for fonts. is it possible to have one progspec.ini for...
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    Question Non mandatory parameters

    Hello guyz, As I try with my team to standardize our code base, we would like to have a procedure that can have mandatory parameters and non mandatory parameters. I can't find a way to do it. Is it possible? Best Regards
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    Question Display HTML File

    Hello, Actually we use the internet explorer OCX to display web pages on some "*.w" program. We are using web pages to do create some report or graphs. Do you know if there is any other way to do so ? We are on openedge 10.2B05 Best regards, BobyIsProgress
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    Answered Sucession of if else if with some weird behavior

    Hello all, In one on my program I witness a weird behavior. I had a list of if else if statement like this: IF condition1 THEN error1. ELSE IF condition2 THEN error2. ELSE IF condition3 THEN DO: something3. error3. END. ELSE IF condition4 THEN error4. For more precision...
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    Answered Browse Open Query on temp table or bare table?

    Hello Guys, I have a performance/best practice question: When doing an open-query for a browse I choose to go with my database table directly instead of compiling all the data in a temp-table first and display them after. It allows me the following: 1. No loading time 2. live update of data...
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    Question Realese Buffer

    Hello Guys, Another question for today . I maked a program with global BUFFER . On a certain button I want to release the buffer like if I tryed an available myBuffer i want to get a NO . I for now use the RELEASE statement . Thanks in advance.
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    Answered Change Browse column format at runtime

    Hello guys, I want to change at runtime a colonne format for my browse. At the start I set in my BROWSE Display: myTable.myfield FORMAT ">>>>>>>9,99" At runtime I need to display data that are only integer. I tried to do this: DEFINE VARIABLE hCol as HANDLE. hCol =...
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    Answered Is it possible to trigger a popup-menu

    Hello guys, I'm back with another question. Is it possible to open a popup-menu without a right click on a widget? To be more precised, I have a main windows and don't have her source code. But I'm able to add a buton and to launch a procedure by this button. In this procedure (that you will...
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    Answered Query performance

    Hello everyone, It's been a while. I hope you are all doing well. While making some new app, I was asking my self this: I have a table of purchase order that as the type of purchase ordre in index. I want to display 3 differrent purchase order. So I was thinking of two solution: 1. DEF VAR...
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    Answered Saving a structuref procedure take to much time

    Hello guys, I'm working on a structured procedure that weithg around 191ko but it takes to much time to save. I'm running OE 10.02B (i know it's not the late version, we have planned to update to OE 11.7) Is there some key point that can caused this enormous time of saving my structured...
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    Question More ergonomic view

    Hello, I want to make my window gui more attractive to my user. But I don't know exactly how. I would like to be closed to what you can do with windows graphical object like a browse with treeview like this: I don't know how to do it. If you have idea I will be glad to read them :) What is...
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    Answered IDE for progress

    Hello everyone , have you got nice holidays ? So soon we will be able to upgrade to openedge 11.7 (the most updated version supported by our ERP vendor) . As we will do this update we are asking ourself witch IDE use and how? So what IDE are you using ? and Why ? Best Regards, -...
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    Answered Delimiter option in EXPORT statement

    Hello, I was looking on the export statement and the delimiter option. Is there a way to put the delimiter value as variable: DEFINE VARIABLE toto AS CHARACTER . define TEMP-TABLE TT1 field myValue as character . toto = "," . FOR EACH TT1 no-lock : EXPORT DELIMITER toto TT1 . END...
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    Answered LEAVE VS RETURN

    Hi guys, How are you ? While coding today I was asking myself what is best to leave a procedure or a trigger with some test, is it the LEAVE or the RETURN ? Example: DEFINE VARIABLE i AS INTEGER i = 1 . IF i = 1 THEN LEAVE . /* VS */ DEFINE VARIABLE i AS INTEGER i = 1 . IF i = 1 THEN...
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    Hi guys, Long time no see. I hope everyone is safe in this difficult time. I have a question about the filters of the system-dialog get-file. I know how to setup multiple filters staticly and dinamicly but don't know how to get the Filter selected by the user? Do you have any idea ? Best...
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    Question Run command from the AppBuilder

    Hi everyone, Do you what instruction is USED by the appbuilder to run the program your currently working on ? Iike run mypgm as persistent Best regards , BobyIsProgress
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    Question Gap Between dbanalys and COUNT

    Hi guys. On one of our table we did a dbanalys and he get us 39k record. But when we are executing a "COUNT" on the table, we are getting around 33k. Do you have any why ? How is it possible? Best Regards, - Vivien -