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    help......**could not connect to server for database....errno 0 (1432)

    Something strange has happened but I will try my best to explain. Our Progress server (11.7) was updated with a lot of patches on Friday 12/20 after work hours. Our database application was working fine throughout the day. On Monday 12/23 my coworker texted me and said the database was down. The...
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    11.3 -->11.7; is D&L required?

    Finally upgrading from 11.3 to 11.7. Is a D&L absolutely required since I'm not doing a major version upgrade (like v12)? thanks
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    how to increase message buffer size?

    Hello, Currently running OpenEdge 11.3 Workgroup database on Windows Server 2008. How do I increase the buffer size? The database is currently using the default (1024). Is there a parameter file that I need to put a larger value in? I've also read that since I'm on 11.3 then each client machine...
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    Assistance with batch file

    I was hoping that someone here could assist in a batch file issue. What I'm trying to do is create a windows batch file that will open a proenv prompt and then run a proserve command to start the database. Background: Our server was accidentally nuked and had to be rebuilt. I was able to get...
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    Poor Network Performance

    Hello all, I'm a newbie here and have an ongoing issue with an Openedge 11.3 workgroup database. I'm not a DBA so I was hoping someone here might have some insight. We have a small database. Small as in only about 200MB with about 40 users (rarely that many logged on at once). At the end of...