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  1. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Best practice for refactoring functions in OO?

    Hi all, I'm still new to all things OO and am looking for some guidance. I'm working on a little side project and have a working POC implemented in procedural code. Now I am trying to refactor it using classes and I'm a bit stuck on one thing. In my current code I have some helper functions...
  2. Rob Fitzpatrick cert expired

    Please note the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate expired today.
  3. Rob Fitzpatrick

    PUG Challenge Americas 2019

    Am I imagining things or did the super early-bird discount deadline get pushed back a month?
  4. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Using :U with character strings

    For some years now our developers have been in the habit of appending ":U" to the end of certain character strings in code. E.g.: if foo = "bar":U then run baz.p The docs say this makes the string untranslatable by OpenEdge Translation Manager. We don't use this product and, to my...
  5. Rob Fitzpatrick

    OE 12 is available

    OE 12 has shipped today! Summary of what's new: New documentation and info portal:
  6. Rob Fitzpatrick

    ProgressNEXT 2019

    ProgressNEXT 2019 Global User Conference Is anyone here attending? I've looked over the agenda and... meh. Heavy on buzzwords and futuristic stuff, short on content that is in my wheelhouse. Like none. I realize the agenda isn't finalized yet but so far there is exactly zero content on OE...
  7. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Batch CHUI client and -debugalert

    I am adding -debugalert to the startup params of a CHUI batch reporting client as we're trying to track down the source of an intermittent error 12371. This will give me the call stack in the client log. I typically don't use -debugalert, except temporarily when I'm trying to investigate a...
  8. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Progress Next

    ProgressNext 2018 Global User Conference Tuesday May 29 - Friday June 1, 2018 Boston Westin Waterfront hotel, Boston, MA
  9. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Index entries in the lock table?

    I'm investigating an issue with excessive locks while running Update Statistics, which I posted about here. (BTW it looks like an issue in 11.6.0 that was fixed in or before 11.6.3; a case is open with TS.) This thread isn't about Update Statistics specifically; bear with me. :) I was able to...
  10. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Lock table overflow during Update Statistics

    I'm preparing to run Update Statistics in a client's prod environment (AIX 7.1, OE 11.6.0). First I ran it in a test DB on a different system (SLES 11.1, OE 11.6.3) and didn't have any errors. The test DB was created via D&L, not prorest. This is the code I run to create a SQL script: /*...
  11. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Profiling an AppServer

    Windows Server 2012 OE 11.6.3 32-bit I have an appserver that publishes a web service. I'm connected to the WSA with SoapUI to fire through a message. I'm trying to profile the code running in the appserver but I'm not getting any output. I feel like I'm missing something obvious; I'd...
  12. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Comment New XenForo

    Looks good so far. Looks better on mobile than the previous version. And it looks like the site search is working again, so that's nice. :)
  13. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Field Order In Export Output

    Quick question: the order of fields in an EXPORT statement: is it _field-rpos? Or _field-physpos? I look at this once in a long while and I can never seem to remember.
  14. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Comment Finding Inactive Indexes

    Just passing along a couple of things I learned recently. When you add an index online for an existing table with the "add new objects on-line" option, it will appear to be active but it won't actually be available until it is activated with proutil idxactivate or idxbuild. Until it is...
  15. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Multiple Unknowns?

    This statement by Thomas is from another thread; I didn't want to hijack. Okay, this is a new one to me. Can anyone enlighten me on the multiple unknowns?
  16. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Kernel Tuning For Aix

    Hi all, A client of mine is experiencing some read performance issues and so is revisiting everything about their system configuration. Production DBs are 180 GB and 90 GB. -B is 50 GB and 19 GB respectively. They are on AIX 7.1, OE 11.6.1. Structure is good, Type II areas. In short...
  17. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Determine If Schema Lock Is Held

    Apart from actually trying to apply a schema change, is there a way to determine that someone has the schema lock, and who it is?
  18. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Comment Thoughts On Caching...

    I have an idea for a possible DB enhancement that's been rattling around in my head for a bit. I thought I'd write it here, as it was inspired by an idea from Tom Bascom, to solicit feedback from Tom and others. Also, writing it down forces me to organize my thoughts, so if it does have merit...
  19. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Comment Pug Challenge/exchange Americas 2016 Recap

    Another PUG Challenge is in the books. Special thanks to the executive committee, and to all the speakers, sponsors (especially Progress Software), organizers, and volunteers who made it possible and made it a great success. This was my fifth one and I had a blast. It's great to meet up with...
  20. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Question Failover Clusters

    I've had an inquiry from a client about Failover Clusters. Looking for input from anyone who has hands-on experience with it. The client is on AIX 7.1 and would likely be deploying with a mid-11.x release. They use TDE today and would also likely implement OE Repl Plus at the same time.