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    Resource Report

    Hi All, I have a resource report. It looks like the data source is Proxy. I am trying to find the location of .p file on Linux. Any suggestions as to where I may find the .p script ? thanks Zach
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    Database location

    Hi All, We have progress 4gl database on Linux. We have a custom tables. Now I need help in finding the location for custom and non-custom tables in Progress database. thanks Zach
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    Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Hi All, I received an error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I read the suggestions on this forums. I was wondering if there are kb article on this topic for QAD. thanks Zach
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    Hi All, I need help on setting the size for the following logs to less than 2 GB: srvrLogThreshold brkrLogThreshold I also need to set the following threshold: appserver.<appserver name>.brkrlogthreshold=104857600 appserver.<appserver name>.brkrnumlogfiles=5 appserver.<appserver...
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    I created the following frame: form skip(1) part colon 15 part1 colon 50 inv colon 15 inv1 colon 50 idate colon 15 idate1 colon 50 sonbr colon 15 sonbr1...
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    Boolean value

    Hi All, I define a Boolean value as: define variable tog_all as logical initial yes label "All". define variable tog_demo as logical initial no label "Demo". define variable log_all as integer. define variable log_demo as integer. I want the value of tog_demo to be yes. Here is my code if...
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    Connect Linux Progress database on Linus to SQL Server

    Hi All, I was able to connect Progress database on Window 10 to SQL Server by downloading the Progress OpenEdge 12.2 Drive and creating the ODBC driver. My question is, how can I connect Progress database on Linux to SQL Server ? Will Progress OpenEdge 12.2 Drive allow me to connect to...
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    Hi All, Are there any class/training offered for Progress development ? thanks Zach
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    Index fragmentation

    Hi All, Is there a way in progress Developer Studio of OpenEdge to check the index fragmentation ? thanks Zach
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    Piew Editor

    I downloaded Free Progress Editor called Piew. I created a simple script: FOR EACH ITEM NO-LOCK DISPLAY cost. When I click on Check Syntax option from the menu, I get the following message: No valid path for PROGRESS executable is defined. Check your settings. Please help thanks Zach
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    Progress Editior

    Hello All, I am new to Progress Database. I need to write some Progress scripts. Is there a gui Progress Editor that I can download. any suggestions is appreciated. Zach