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Syteline V3.5 Job Order No. Reset

Discussion in 'Symix Syteline' started by richardk, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. richardk

    richardk New Member

    Hi All,
    does anybody know how to reset the Production Job Order No. as my counter is fast approaching the limit?
    Any help on this would be great.
  3. darrenk

    darrenk Member

    Check you lasttran table. Cannot remember if your version stated above contains the Job last transaction field.
    That's where you would (carefully) update it (if available to you).
    If not, a better way would be to write a custom trigger upon creation of new jobs to sequence them with alpha and numeric characters - not just numerics.
    The issue is with resetting the last Job # would be that you "run into" and existing job number again somehow.
    That would most likely crash the DB.
  4. richardk

    richardk New Member

    Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the Job last transaction field is not available, but you can change the jobs with a prefix.
    I will investigate this to see if this a work around without crashing the DB.

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