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Discussion in 'NxTrend's Trend' started by jamestoast, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. jamestoast

    jamestoast New Member

    We recently bought SX.enterprise, and it's been good and bad. I'm posting a critique- especially of SX's UI- at http://asimplenumber.blogspot.com . Comments there are welcome.
  3. ccotter3

    ccotter3 New Member

    I reviewed your review and found it informative. I am an independent developer and have done work with NxTrend in the past and have found some of their products difficult to work with myself as well. One of my customers had purchased commerce connect but NxTrend was never able to deliver the needed functionallity for the Ariba application we were trying to implement. As such I wrote my own Web Services layer that sits on top of eSales and that is how we have done real-time pricing, product search and order submissions. I would be very interested in talking to you about your SXAPI experience as I am running into SXAPI on an increasing basis and would like to know more about it's pros and cons. I may also be able to help you in some areas where you are struggling. Feel free to drop me an email at chriscotter@bizsolv.com if you would like to try and connect on the phone.
  4. jayjansheski

    jayjansheski New Member

    SX.enterprise UI suggestions, tips, discussion

    I would like to offer suggestions to Infor about how they might improve the SX.enterprise UI, but as there doesn't seem to be any official channel to do that, I'm offering them at the aforementioned site http://asimplenumber.blogspot.com. I also hope to post some tips and workarounds, as documentation is somewhat spare in the official manual. Comments are welcome, and I would especially appreciate input from any Infor people or hardcore SX users. Thanks!
  5. BruceD Lindberg

    BruceD Lindberg New Member


    You should clarify which type of SX.e your talking about. Your critique is for GUI (graphical UI) but a lot of people use the CHUI (character UI), which is quit a bit different.
  6. jayjansheski

    jayjansheski New Member

    GUI discussion (sorry for the confusion)

    Yes, that's true. This is a discussion of the SX.enterprise graphical user interface (as well as other UI issues in general). Sorry about any confusion. Thanks!
  7. unknownorl

    unknownorl New Member

    I was wondering if you can help me regarding Sx Enterprise? I have version 4.0.067. Are there any useful tips or tricks that you think would help me? I am new to the system.
  8. BruceD Lindberg

    BruceD Lindberg New Member

    which type of inteface do you use? GUI or CHUI? Do you know the difference?
  9. unknownorl

    unknownorl New Member

    I actually use both but am trying to get info in GUI. I am using version 4.0.067 now but am upgrading to 5.1 in the future. The info I am looking for is for 4.0.067. Thanks for the response!!! Amy
  10. unknownorl

    unknownorl New Member

    Anyone have any input?
  11. McCordick

    McCordick New Member

    No doubt the user interface is not perfect. I do have a solution to your issue concerning prepaying vendor invoices before receipt.

    You can pre-pay vendor invoices using the APEI (Invoice Processing Centre). It allows you to pay invoices before the product is received. You cannot pre-pay an invoice using the standard APET function. APEI was added in version 3.2 of SXE.

    From the APEI docs:

    AP Entry Invoice Center AP Entry Transactions
    You can match the invoice to the purchase
    order as soon as the invoice is received,
    even if the purchase order has not yet
    been received in PO Entry Receipt of
    Inventory. The Update portion of AP Entry
    Invoice Center Final Update or AP Entry
    Group Update posts the payable to the
    General Ledger Payables account as soon
    as the invoice is entered and updated. This
    causes General Ledger Payables to be
    accurately stated. Later, when the
    purchase order is received in PO Entry
    Receipt of Inventory, the purchase order
    costing reconciliation occurs to update the
    appropriate Inventory Control accounts.

    John Jackson

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