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OpenEdge Auditing - Can anyone recommend?

Discussion in 'Development' started by andrewes, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. andrewes

    andrewes New Member

    This seems a very involved procress.

    Has anyone had a good experience with Auditing
  3. RKR

    RKR Member

    What do you mean with involved process ? Do you mean an impact on performance ?

    I have good experience with OpenEdge Auditing. But it all depends on what you have to audit. Auditing will always influence the performance of your application, so it is recommended to only audit the information that is important. Fortunately Progress has given you the tools to setup the auditing for your specific needs :awink:
  4. andrewes

    andrewes New Member

    I am investigating the product and looking for any feedback.
    I have done the Web Training Lessons.
    But if anyone can advise.
    Is the set up time & database field requirements satisfactory/easy to use?
    Can the Proutil Audit Load & Dumps be automated or just manual?
    Do you need to recompile source if you make a change to the Database?

  5. RKR

    RKR Member

    - To enable auditing it is important that you first look at your db structure and decide on what fields and tables auditing is required. You also will need to find out how much information is required. Do you need old values and new values, or only an indication that a record or field has changed. Do you need the whole record or only some fields, etc.. This process can take some time ofcourse and is only preparation.

    When it is all documented you can use the tools provided by Progress to setup everything. This is not a very complicated task. only a lot of the same stuff for every field :lol:

    - Any utility can be automated :cool: Proutil is an executable. you can write a batch file (on windows) or a Unix script that you can schedule to start every evening or morning, whenever you like.

    - What do you mean by database changes. You cannot change the db schema of the auditing database. Your normal procedures will never reference the auditing database, this is all taken care of internally in the Progress Product.
  6. mhtan88

    mhtan88 Member

    regarding the gst_audit really problem to our icfdb database(but it is very good audit system), because the most faster growing tables in the database, until we manage to move out from original database icfdb to another new database only store gsticfdb. then the performance really get increased.

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