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OE Replication - Switch Target and Source Database

Discussion in 'Database Admin' started by gareth.roberts, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. gareth.roberts

    gareth.roberts New Member

    Is there an easier way to switch the target and source roles when running OE Replication?

    Or is the only option to rebuild replication form scratch?
  3. TomBascom

    TomBascom Curmudgeon

    OE Replication is extremely delicate. Rebuilding from scratch is something that you better get good at.

    It *is* possible to do a controlled fail-over, switch roles and then fail-back without rebuilding. But it is pretty complicated and easy to mess up. (And I don't have the steps at my finger-tips right now.)

    Like all things replication related you really, really need to be on a very up to date release. OE Replication and ancient, obsolete & unsupported releases is a toxic combination.
  4. Rob Fitzpatrick

    Rob Fitzpatrick ProgressTalk.com Sponsor

    There were a lot of Replication-related issues fixed in SP06 of 10.2B. If you're on 10.2B you should check the release notes.
  5. gareth.roberts

    gareth.roberts New Member

    Ok thanks guys, looks like I will be rebuilding it from scratch just wanted to check I wasn't missing a trick.
  6. AbhayShukla

    AbhayShukla Member

    Hi All,

    Just want to know that if i have a progress 10.2B database on a Solaris machine can we set up target DB on
    a Linux or IBM AIX machine using OE Replication tool.


  7. cj_brandt

    cj_brandt Member

    The source and target server machines for OpenEdge Replication must have:
    A) The same Operating system (e.g. AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, Windows) B) The same OpenEdge Installation (e.g. 32Bit or 64Bit OpenEdge editions) C) The same OpenEdge release (e.g. OpenEdge 10.1B Enterprise RDBMS) D) The same Big-Endian byte ordering format​
    E) Replication between different Operating Systems on Little-Endian byte order systems are not supported at all due to OS limitations.​

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