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Question How To Define A Form\frame To Show Label Name Above Of It Value

Discussion in 'QAD's MFG/PRO' started by kalaiarasan, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. kalaiarasan

    kalaiarasan New Member

    How to define a form\frame to show label name above of it value

    For examples, field 1 and field 1 has defined as like db table (let assume ld_det.ld_ref & ld_det.ld_site)
    i need to display as below screen. is there a way to do it ? could anyone please advice me

    --------------FRAME A-----------------------
    FIELD1 : FIELD2 :

    Last edited: Feb 9, 2017
  3. danishgambit

    danishgambit Member

    assuming your database fields have labels set up, should be as simple as:

    def var mc_serial like db_table.int_db_field initial 12345 no-undo.
    def var mc_name like db_table.char_db_field initial "Demo" no-undo.

    define frame f1

    with frame f1.

    if the db fields don't have a label against them, use "column-label" in the display statement.
  4. kalaiarasan

    kalaiarasan New Member

  5. danishgambit

    danishgambit Member

    Hi Kalaiarasan,

    sorry but I disagree. When i use the above code i see the labels above the variables
    Company Name
    ------------ ---------------------
    12345 Demo Ltd.

    I think that's what the question related to.
  6. kalaiarasan

    kalaiarasan New Member

    Yes, You are correct. Thanks.
    is there a way to place each field in different place in a frame\form ?
    for example,
    Field at row 1 column 20
    Field at row 1 column 60 with the same format as above.
  7. danishgambit

    danishgambit Member

    Hi Kalaiarasan,

    should be as easy as specifying it in the define frame statement.


    define frame f1
    mc_serial at 1
    mc_name at 20
  8. kalaiarasan

    kalaiarasan New Member

    ThankYou ... I got it

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