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dump progress db to mysql

Discussion in 'Database Admin' started by jumbosafari, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. jumbosafari

    jumbosafari New Member

    hi. I'm a complete newbie to progress.

    progress 9.1c
    mysql 5
    linux redhat

    i would like to dump a progress db to mysql, any ideas?
    there is a problem, i don't have a login or password to the progress db however i do have the .b1 .d1 .db and .lg files.
    can i use those in some way to convert them into csv files or mysql dump?

    any help would be much appreciated.
  3. TomBascom

    TomBascom Curmudgeon

    Is the Progress db running? Do you have some sort of license or just the files mentioned?
  4. jumbosafari

    jumbosafari New Member

    i currently have the progress db 9.1c installed on a redhat machine.
    however, i do not have root access to the machine nor do i have any credentials for the progress db.

    on the positive side i have access to the files mentioned above (.b1 .d1 .lg .db .st and .lic)

    i'm looking for a way to use those files to end up with a csv or sql dump.

    is it possible to get into the progress db admin tool without login creds?
  5. jumbosafari

    jumbosafari New Member

    as well i have access to all files of the entire linux filesystem.
  6. jumbosafari

    jumbosafari New Member

    possibly this can achieved from the command line using a progress db command?
  7. TomBascom

    TomBascom Curmudgeon

    It depends...

    First run "showcfg" (it is in $DLC/bin -- DLC is an environment variable that must point to the directory that Progress is installed in) this will tell us what sort of license you have. That helps to establish the range of possible solutions.

    Next try to start a session. If the database is not being used by anyone then "$DLC/bin/pro databasename" will start a single user session. If it is in use then use "mpro" instead.

    If this works (and it should) then you will either be prompted for a username/password (since you don't have one select "cancel" or type ^e) or you will be brought directly to "the editor" which is a screen with a strip menu across the top and some status information on the bottom.

    Assuming that you have at least a "query/runtime" license type the following:
    Code (progress):
    2. for each [b]tablename[/b] no-lock:
    3.   display [b]tablename[/b].
    4. end.
    followed by ^x.

    Unless unusual steps have been taken to lock down the target db you should see data for the chosen table. Type ^e to stop the display. Then type ^z to clear the program.

    If that all worked type "dict", ^x, navigate to "admin", select "dump data" and then dump the tables that you wish to dump. (You will get space delimited quoted strings).

    If it doesn't work the showcfg information will probably tell us why and there may be other ways to get what you need.
  8. jumbosafari

    jumbosafari New Member

    thanks a million.
    I'll give this a try first thing tomorrow and will let you know of the results.
  9. jumbosafari

    jumbosafari New Member

    showcfg returned:

    product name: workgroup db
    user limit: 15
    serial num: 003335765
    control numbers: sffff-sdfds-sdfsf
    version number: 9.1c
    machine class: kb
    port number: 38
  10. jumbosafari

    jumbosafari New Member

    from now on i do have root access to the redhat linux installation
  11. jumbosafari

    jumbosafari New Member

    result for :
    $DLC/bin/pro databasename
    --this version of progress requires a start up procedure.(495)

    result for :
    $DLC/bin/mpro databasename
    --error. there is no server for database.(1423)

    sometimes i also get another error.
    --standard input and output are on different terminals. (360)

    any ideas?

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